What makes your brand sustainable?

I always design with sustainability as a primary focus.

All of the fabrics used are sustainable. Both collections have been consciously created with sustainability at the forefront, and therefore both have been created with eco-friendly fabrics.

All fabrics for future collections will also always be sustainable. 

Our packaging and branding is also sustainable.

How do you choose the fabrics?

I extensively research which sustainable fabrics will be suitable for our designs.

I only use ethical fabric suppliers recommended by the fibre producer.

I will always be completely transparent with you regarding the composition of the fabric. There's no greenwashing here!

Do you use sustainable packaging?

Yes, all of our packaging is sustainable.

The swing tags are made from both the renewable resource bamboo and also post-consumer office waste paper.

The outer packaging is also recyclable and compostable.

The thank you notes are plantable. 

Why do you plant 5 trees per order?

Giving back is an extremely important ethos to our brand.

Trees are not only a crucial part of our ecosystem, but the areas that we plant trees are being ruined by deforestation and affecting humans and animals that live there. 

On a personal level, and as a brand, I want to help towards reforestation in any way that I can by replanting trees in areas greatly affected by deforestation.