VIRIDY is a brand born from a love for not only fashion, but also a love of the environment. The vision is to create a conscious fashion brand which gives back to the planet we inhabit. One way of doing this is to place a priority on the ethics in each step of the manufacturing process that our clothing undergoes, and various conservation efforts to help improve the environment we live in.


From the design through to production of the final garment, and the delivery to you, integrity and sustainability is always the prime focus.


Fashion and Sustainability - Is it realistic?


I think so! I believe that sustainable fashion starts with the design process. A sustainable approach to the way in which we produce clothing is key to protecting our earth, in particular the lives of those who are involved in creating the clothing as well as the environment it affects.


The Role of the Consumer


As a consumer, VIRIDY wants you to be apart of our journing in changing the way that we approach fashion. We all have a collective responsibility to be mindful about the entire process, which brought a piece of clothing to our wardrobes.


To help provide you with as much information as possible, all of the sustainability facts of our garments are on the product pages, and we will be releasing blog posts which give you even more insight into the clothes you buy!


Our Commitment


As a truly sustainable fashion brand in the UK, our commitment at VIRIDY is to provide transparency and quality to our consumers. We also design, develop and manufacture with sustainability and ethics at the forefront.


By designing with sustainability and ethics as the focus, we ensure that the manufacturers we work with are accredited with recognised ethical standards, and only use sustainable fabrics from recognised and recommended suppliers.


Sustainable fashion fosters a holistic approach, partnering with you as the consumer to benefit both the planet and the people who inhabit it while providing you with high quality, ethically produced clothing.


VIRIDY is also committed to supporting the ecosystem directly by planting five trees for every item sold, in areas greatly affected by continuous deforestation efforts. If our commitment to being a sustainable fashion brand resonates with your dream for a prosperous future and a protected planet, then please shop our independent, ethical and sustainable collection.